The Band

Bob Bissillion - Guitar & Vocals

Bob Bissillion the leader of the group and relative newcomer to bluegrass, has been playing guitar for over 42 years. Starting in Calgary, his first professional appearance was at the age of 15 when he hooked up with Calgary's Mr. Banjo, Johnny Thorson and played on the same stage as Roy Warhurst and Ray Griff. In 2001, his wife bought him an inexpensive 5 string banjo thus took the first steps into bluegrass. A three month trip to the Smokey Mountains that fall was all it took to get him hooked. Bob now sings lead vocals, plays rhythm guitar and provides comic relief.
Darrell Corbel - Guitar & Vocals

Darrell Corbel caught the music bug in Medicine Hat, Alberta playing with his mom and dad and uncles and aunts. Learning guitar at the age of 13, this largely self-taught musician explored rock, country, folk and especially bluegrass. He learned how to read tablature and music theory, how to fingerpick and he played in many local talent shows. Darrell experimented with the banjo, mandolin, bass guitar and piano and by grade seven he was singing harmony and lead. He has shared the stage with the Heritage Singers and the King's Herald quartet. Darrell is currently a professional music/choir teacher and is a past director of Chordial Invitation, Kelowna's Barber shop Chorus. Adding to lightening fast guitar flat picking, Darrell sings both lead and harmony vocals.
Vic Ukrainetz - Fiddle, Mandolin & Vocals

Vic Ukrainetz started his musical career on the piano at the age of 5 but soon switched to the fiddle and guitar. Playing in various dance bands in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta he now leads one of Kelowna's top groups called "The Dance Band". Vic is a BC Fiddle judge and sought after instructor. He has performed in many shows and is on a number of recordings including his own fiddle album titled "My Dad's Waltz". He has shared the stage with Tommy Hunter, Peter Dawson, and Calvin Vollrath and has performed with the Sunshine Theatre. Now into bluegrass in a big way, Vic's fiddle, mandolin and harmony vocals are a welcome addition to A Day Late and A Dollar Short.
Ron Hillcoff - Bass & Vocals

Ron Hillcoff is a man of many talents playing electric and upright bass, guitar and mandolin. Originally from Winnipeg, Ron started playing guitar in the early '50's in dance bands, blues combos, big band orchestra's as well as bluegrass groups. Ron has played with such notables as Burton Cummings, Randy Bachman, Fred Turner, Ronny Profit and also the George Jones band in Nashville. Along with his musical talents Ron adds harmony vocals and a humorous twist to the group.
Jack Kinakin - Dobro & Vocals

Jack Kinakin started playing at about 14 years of age, mostly guitar and banjo. He was self taught relying mostly on listening to records over and over "until it made sense to me." Growing up, he played in a family band for weddings and club dances and also played with other groups to help fill in on drums and bass. He casually played a Dobro over the years as banjo was his main instrument. He got serious about the Dobro in 2000 and it's been his main focus ever since. Listen for some of Jack's lightening fast breaks in the music - quick, clean and tasteful.