We are getting ready for the first concert of the season at Trinity Baptist Theatre in Kelowna. Joining the band will be Jason Homey on banjo from Hope BC. Jason has been so fantastic to help fill in as our banjo player while we are looking for a permanent 5-string picker.
His playing is sheer perfection as he has an incredible sense of tone, timing and virtuosity.

We will have 2 ladies as special guests singers, both of whom have beautiful voices and are so great to perform with.


The Trinity concert went great and we had a lot of fun doing it. Jason Homey was supposed to be our Banjo player, but a scheduling problem with his band “The Clumsy Lovers” left him with a show to do in Idaho on the same day as the Trinity show.

We were very fortunate to get the fantastic Banjo player Chris Stevens to come in at the last moment and take over the
playing duties. He is a true professional who has the keen instincts to understand all the dynamics and cues going on around
him. He did an awesome job.


The day after the Trinity concert, A Day Late And A Dollar Short did a private concert for about 100 people at an old church
that was recently renovated. It was one of our most fun concerts ever! The acoustics for sound was fantastic and we played
without microphones or equipment. It felt like we were jamming and really got the personal touch in. Chris Stevens joined us
again and he had his 9 year old daughter Saro, sing with us. She got a standing ovation for her performance. Saro will be a young
girl to watch out for as she gets more and more into music.


“Dream Café”

Penticton, BC

            This venue is likely the Best Music Venue in BC and we are proud to be selected to play at
this prestigious music palace. This dinner club boasts fine food and an eclectic atmosphere.
Only 100 seats will make for an intimate show that is up close and personal. The band is taking
a year off in 2012 so this will be our final gig for a while.


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